The Heiress

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With its wit, sensuality and compassion, The Heiress is a sparklingly rebellious novel that takes a shadowy figure from the background of beloved classic Pride & Prejudice and throws her into the light.

As a fussy baby, Anne de Bourgh’s doctor prescribed laudanum to quiet her, and now the young woman must take the opium-heavy tincture every day. Growing up sheltered and confined, removed from sunshine and fresh air, the pale and overly slender Anne grew up with few companions. But little by little, she comes to see that what she has always been told is an affliction of nature might in fact be one of nurture – and one, therefore, that she can beat. She finally throws away her laudanum and seeks refuge at the London home of her cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam

Suddenly wide awake to the world but utterly unprepared, Anne must forge a new identity among those who have never seen the real her – including herself.


An extraordinary tale of one woman’s liberation, The Heiress reveals both the darkness and light in Austen’s world, with wit, sensuality, and a deeply compassionate understanding of the human heart.

Praise for The Heiress

"Pride and Prejudice retellings abound, but none are quite like Molly Greeley's."


"Treading lightly on beloved Austen ground, Greeley’s storytelling is intricate, masterly, and delightfully imaginative. Highly recommended for Austen fans as well as readers of period fiction."

- Library Journal, Starred Review

"With stunningly lyrical writing, Greeley elevates Austen-inspired fiction—and psychological fiction in general—onto a whole new plane.” 

- Natalie Jenner, bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society

"This inventive novel will delight Pride and Prejudice fans, and win over readers who are skeptical of Austen reimaginings."

- Booklist, Starred Review

"Haunting… A novel with all the hallmarks of nineteenth-century Gothic. Highly recommended.” 

- Finola Austin, author of Bronte's Mistress

"A perfectly joyful read."

- Book Page

"Molly Greeley’s writing is exquisite...  The Heiress is an evocative and empowering Austenesque tale that should not be missed." 

- Austenesque Reviews

"Haunting and inspiring in a quiet and meditative way, and a powerful reminder that there are many ways to be kick-ass."

- Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"An immersive queer reimagining of Pride & Prejudice character Anne de Bourgh... Greeley’s expert imaginings reveal hidden depths of her character & highlight the societal restrictions of 19th-century women."

- Publishers Weekly 

"The Heiress shines a beam of hazy sunlight into the dark shadows where a sheltered, unloved creature has been hiding, waiting to be awakened with warmth."