Available January 5, 2021

An extraordinary tale

of one woman's liberation, 

The Heiress 

reveals both the darkness and light

in Jane Austen's world.

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About Molly 

Molly Greeley was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where her addiction to books was spurred by her parents' floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. A graduate of Michigan State University, she began as an Education major, but switched to English and Creative Writing after deciding that gainful employment was not as important to her as being able to spend several years reading books and writing stories and calling it work.

She lives in northern Michigan with her husband and three children, and can often be found with her laptop at local coffee shops.

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The Clergyman's Wife

A moving story of unexpected love,

featuring Charlotte from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. 

December 2019 Indie Next Pick

December 2019 BBC Culture Top Ten Read

December 2019 Bustle Top Ten Read

December 2019 Christian Science Monitor

Top Ten Read

Amazon UK Bestseller

A "quietly powerful tale." 


 An extraordinary tale of one woman's liberation, The Heiress reveals both the darkness and light in Jane Austen's world. 

"With stunningly lyrical writing, Greeley elevates

Austen-inspired fiction--and psychological fiction in

general--onto a whole new plane."

- NATALIE JENNER, author of 

The Jane Austen Society

The Heiress

Other Writing

"Your Story" 

Literary Mama, October 2015

"When You Cross the Border" 

Carve Magazine, December 2010

"Through the Gauntlet" 

Austenesque Reviews, December 2019

When your mother refuses to talk to you after your marriage, you will turn to your husband and say, 'She’ll come around to us in time.

For weeks, ever since you slipped out of me more easily than a sigh, I have been trying to write.

On the pain of watching your kids struggle, chances not taken, and (finally, sort of) overcoming anxiety.

"Writing While Mother" 

Books By Women, December 2019

"The Clergyman's Wife Gives Charlotte Lucas Center Stage" 

BookBub, November 2019

"Laudanum and Babies in Jane Austen's Time" 

A Writer of History, November 2019

On navigating (or not) being both a writer and a mother of small children.

... It’s about love, or lack thereof, and what place it would have had in the lives of women who did not have a man with ten thousand a year waiting to rescue them from the terrifying uncertainty of the future.

 That half-hysterical mental joke I had with myself about new mothers drugging their babies so they could get on with their other responsibilities was, in fact, a grim reality.



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Agent: Jennifer Weltz at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency

US Publisher: William Morrow, a HarperCollins Imprint

ANZ Publisher: Allen & Unwin

UK Publisher: Viking Books

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